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Basecamp is a Tiny House Workhub, Eco-Retreat and Living Lab. A place where digital nomads live and work temporarily.  Furthermore the Tiny Houses are extremely suitable as a holiday home, meeting room or temporarily homebase.

Next to all of this, Basecamp is a showroom for Tiny House Living & Working.  The Tiny Houses are manufactured by several builders. By displaying a variety of Tiny Houses, Basecamp offers the ability to see different variations of Tiny Living. This way you can even choose a different experience everytime you return.

Basecamp as living lab. Basecamp experiments with sustainable ways of working and living. Successes will be impletented in housing projects and new Basecamps around the world.

Does Basecamp have more locations

Currently Basecamp is only located in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, but keep an eye on the website because it will not be long before new locations are announced.

Where is basecamp ijmuiden

Where nature, sea and industry come together between the marina, the beach and the Kennemermeer in the dunes, you’ll find Basecamp.

Address: Kennemermeer 27 1976 GK IJmuiden Nederland

How many tiny houses are there

At this stage Basecamp has 20 Tiny Houses. However Basecamp is in continuous development and 10 more houses will be added before the summer of 2021.

What is a Tiny House

It is more than just a small living space. It is a lifestyle with a clear phylosopy. Small and cleverly decorated houses of maximum 50 m2 with a Het is meer dan een kleine leefruimte. Het is een levensstijl met een duidelijke filosofie. Kleine en slim ingerichte, woningen van maximaal 50 m2 with the smallest possible ecological footprint.


Which payment methods does Basecamp accept

Online payments can only be made by credit card. The team is working hard on adding an Ideal payment system. If you do not have a credit card, you can pay on location with debit card or cash.

Credit card payments need to be verified by the card owner before a payment can be charged. As soon as the payment is triggered you will receive a verification request via email send by our booking system. Just press varify and we are all set!

Which credit cards does Basecamp accept

Basecamp accepts all common credit cards.

what is the maximum length of stay

The longer you stay, the lower the price. Basecamp accepts reservations from 2 nights up to a maximum of 6 months. watch out; you may never want anything else after this experience!

can i cancel free of charge

You can cancell your booking free of charge up to 3 days before arrival.

100% will be charged for canceling reservations with an arrival date within 3 days

Can i amend my booking free of charge

You can amend your booking free of charge up to and including 7 days before arrival. A €25 administration fee will be charged for changing bookings with an arrival date within 7 days.


Do all Tiny Houses have a kitchen

Basecamp welcomes all kitchen princes and princesses with open arms! Almost all Tiny Houses have a fully equipped kitchen. Only the Tiny Suite and the Soap Factory do not have a kitchen. These Tiny Houses can best be compared to a hotel room.

Is there a dishwasher

How nice a joint dishwashing session, with bubbles flying around your ears, can be, some of the Tiny Houses have a dishwasher. Click here for more information regarding the design of the Tiny Houses.

Is there a TV

No, none of our Tiny Houses have a TV. Who needs a TV when you are sitting between the dunes and next to the Kennemermeer? At Basecamp we have the nature channel.

Is there a coffee machine

Does your engine run on caffeine? Don’t worry, all Tiny Houses have a coffee machine. This can either be an old school filter machine, a frenchpress or a perculator.


At Basecamp we understand that you like to be online. That is why each Tiny House has its own WiFi router.


All Tiny Houses are equipped with bed linen and towels.

How often is my Tiny House cleaned

Only final cleaning is included in your stay. If you would like an interim cleaning, this can be arranged for € 25. Get in touch with our team.

I am expecting a package, what should I do

If Basecamp IJmuiden is mentioned on the package. It will be delivered at our reception. If no one was present at the time of delivery, there are two options. 1. The package has been delivered to the port at the office of Seaport IJmuiden. 2. The package has been taken to a collection point in IJmuiden.




What time is check-in

Check-in is from 3 pm. If you want to come earlier to spend some time on the beach, that’s no problem. We cannot guarantee that your house will be ready before 3 pm.

Can I check in earlier

Do you want to get the most out of your stay and move into your Tiny House on time? You can check in at 1 pm for an extra €21,-. Please note; the possibility of an early check-in is subject to availability.

What time is check-out

You can check out until 10 am.

Can I check out later

Don’t feel like getting up early? For an extra €21,- you can check out until 1 pm. Please note; the possibility of a late check-out is subject to availability.


Can i hire a bike

Basecamp rents out bicycles for € 11 per day.

where can i do my laundry

There is a washing machine and dryer on site. If you wish to use this, please contact the team. The costs are € 5 per washing or drying.

can I hire a scooter

Basecamp rents out electric scooters for € 50 per day.



The more the merrier. If you are coming with several cars, please inform the reservation team. The first car is included in the price. Each additional car is € 11 per night. If you come with several cars, please provide all number plates.

Can I drive up to my Tiny House

We would like to try and keep Basecamp a car-free park, therefore we do not allow guests to drive up to their Tiny House anymore. You may drive up to the reception, but we would like to ask you to park your car on the parking after. 

Can I get to Basecamp by public transport

Absolutely. Bus stop, IJmuiden aan zee is located right next to the site. So you can easily roll from the bus straight into your Tiny House.


Can I bring my dog

Do you suffer from separation anxiety or is Basecamp the ideal place for your dog? For an extra € 15 your four-legged friend is more than welcome in one of the following houses:

  • EcoCabin 25
  • EcoCabin 32
  • EcoCabin 50 East
  • Mill Home Single
  • Mill Home Duo 2
  • Marcontainer
  • Copacabana Beach House

When you make your reservation on our website, simply press the add dog surcharge button.

Are the Tiny Houses for sale

You can’t buy the actual Tiny House at Basecamp, but you can contact the manufacture if you have interest in a specific model. They will be able to recreate the model as showcased at Basecamp. Contact EcoCabins for more information.



At Basecamp we guarantee a contactless check-in. Before arrival you can check-in online via a link and enter your payment details. This ensures that you no longer have to come by reception. We also work with key lockers. By means of a code you can get access to your key and enter your Tiny House directly.

Is Basecamp is still open

Our Tiny Houses are completely self-sufficient and therefore Basecamp can remain open during this time.

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